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Sixteen years ago my passion for photography was incited by the world of nature. The world full of magic, which has been a source of inspiration and tremendous joy ever since… However, today I cannot specify what I like photographing most. The picture composition has become the passion, the photography itself has become an eternal challenge, search, happiness…
Paweł Chara

Passion by Paweł Chara…
„The passion for photography is the search for inner worlds, which I express in my shots. Throughout the passing years I have been doing my best to capture something, which is not visible with the naked eye. I am looking for the deepest recesses, to which human senses hardly ever reach. Long lasting observations of a single object allow me to present these inner worlds.

Photographing is painting subsequent pictures, presenting emotions, behaviors, silence, mystery, magic, fragments of soul. I want to be a guide to often inaccessible places. My intention is to make people look at the world through my senses, to enable them to perceive the world through my senses, to let them, using my preserved moments, find this which is precious, interesting, evoking emotions, happiness, warmth, and maybe even, thanks to my photographs the truth about themselves. [w polskim tekscie popraw na prawdę o sobie]

The world presented by me is often a good world, a natural world, sometimes virgin, sometimes touched by a dangerous hand of another man, but nevertheless, a world full of hope, full of expectations… [w oryginale przecinki zamiast 3 kropek]

Paweł Chara and his life…

Paweł Chara – an artist photographer, a globetrotter with a camera, striding his own paths. The way is his destination and its picturing is a challenge, a search, a joy, a passion and a profession. Born in 1978, he comes from Dębno in Poland. He has travelled across Asia, Africa and Europe.

During his photography wanderings he discovers places, which are not present on tourism maps, the places tainted with mystery, which are often found just “over the hedge”. These are the pictures displaying the emotions present at the very bottom of the human’s soul.

In the backpack he carries clothes for a few seasons, a tent and photographic equipment. Entering the world of locals, he lives, hunts, works, feasts with them. He learns their customs, culture, religion. He learns their everyday lives, often innocence, their dreams, pain, sorrow and secrets… Paweł Chara records such emotions using his shots, which are intimate, not disturbing. During his solitary seven months long expedition through India and Nepal he made 20 thousand kilometers.

He started his photographing adventure in high school. Although his passion was evoked by very nature, nowadays through nature, being immersed in it, he is doing his best to show something more, something which is not visible for the naked eye. Today, a trip to the marshlands at the dawn is not only a mere excursion in search for nature, but it is also a search for equilibrium and tranquility. It is looking into the abyss of unexpectedness. It is an immortalization of immaculate moments.

Photography has been his profession since 2002. His photos from his expeditions and his collections were presented at several dozen exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He publishes in the press, books, calendars and albums. Chara's works are sold in limited series, appropriately signed with the author's seal.

Paweł Chara is the winner of numerous competitions. He works as a lecturer and organizer of workshops and plein-air photographing. He has been involved in social actions for nature beauty and the culture of the Western Lands popularization. He is the creator and the director of a performance titled "Przemijanie" where he blends photography, theater and music (using a choir of 30 singers). At the moment he is working on new projects titled „10 przykazań” and “ Poszukiwacze ciszy “

He has been inspired by the works of Tomek Sikora, Vincent Munier and Zdzisław Beksiński as well as the painter Paul Klle. He regards photography as kindred with painting. Thus, his works are characterized by some kind of dualism. It happens to be a reportage of documentary value, and on some other occasion the components of the frame are only a pretext to arrange forms and colors.

In January 2008 Paweł Chara was invited to the circle ”nIKONY FOTOGRAFII” created by Nikon Polska. He has been closely connected with Nikon Polska, China National Geographic Traveler, " Poznaj Świat " and PGNiG SA . He is the Chairman of Fundacja im. Ryszarda Kapuścińskiego. Since 2009 GBS Bank in Barlinek has provided patronage to the works of Paweł Chara.

Paweł Chara and a work of art…

According to Paweł Chara communion with the depth of nature leaves indelible marks in the human being. Saturated with once brave, once coy fantasies of colors and chiaroscuro, it reveals its beauty and esthetic value of composition on the basis of sensitivity and tenderness. It is a natural and brilliant work of art, which, with its innocence, wildness, unpredictability, calmness and ephemerality bears amazing resemblance to another work of art - the human being.

Eliza Chojnacka
© Paweł Chara